Of Cats And Men

Thursday, October 20. 2011

Kodak Portra 400

Summer Vegetation (at last!)

Friday, August 26. 2011

A few pictures taken with my new Bronica ETRSi the other day. I already love this camera: very nice to use, not too bulky (by medium format standards, that is) and pleasing results.

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
Kodak Ektar 100 (great looking but sadly much more susceptible to scratching than Kodak Portra or Fuji Reala).

P.S.: I've added new pictures to my print shop.

In Full (F)light

Saturday, July 2. 2011

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
Fuji Provia F 100

Leaves and Thorns

Wednesday, June 22. 2011

Some new self developed photos. I'm not entirely satisfied with them, so I'll keep on experimenting with development times etc. Anyway mixing powders is fun :-).

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
Kodak Tri-X 400 exposed @400 ISO, developed in Kodak D 76 1+1 at 20 °C for (roughly) 9 1/4 minutes (2 inversions every 30 sec).

Hanover's Wild Side

Sunday, May 29. 2011

Berggarten (Schauhäuser) in Hannover

Fuji Superia 400 expired

Some photos from my first self developed film (developed during a workshop a my university so it was more of a group effort). Clearly, there is room for progress (minor curve adjusment applied), but it could have been worse, I guess. Next time I'll try another film/developer combination (T-Max 400 really isn't my favourite film but I wasn't given a choice on this one).

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
T-Max 400, developed in T-Max

Colours of Velvia

Wednesday, April 20. 2011

First time using my new (old) Kiev 60 and Velvia... had some trouble with film advance, as you can see, but I love the colours and this surprisingly nice though unplanned juxtaposition.

Berggarten (Schauhäuser) in Hannover
Fuji Velvia 100

Sea(l), Stone and Steel

Sunday, April 10. 2011

Kiellinie, Aquarium des IFM-GEOMAR
Ilford Delta 400

Hanover says: "It's spring!"

Sunday, April 3. 2011

Berggarten in Hannover
Kodak portra 400 VC


Wednesday, March 30. 2011

Kiellinie, one evening
Kodak portra 400

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