Shimmering in the Dark

Thursday, May 27. 2010

Nacre/Mother-of-pearl/Perlmutt/Pärlemor (Turbo marmoratus)
Zoologisches Museum Kiel 22.05.10

Japanische Riesenkrabbe/Crabe araignée géant du Japon/Japanese spider crab/Japansk spindelkrabba/Macrocheira kaempferi
Zoologisches Museum Kiel 22.05.10

Botanic Chic

Sunday, May 23. 2010

Botanischer Garten/Jardin botanique/Botanical garden Kiel 21.05.10

Fluffiges für unterwegs

Monday, May 17. 2010

Bulgarischer Zwergesel
Arche Warder 02.04.10

Black Sheep Reverie

Tuesday, May 11. 2010

Sweet dreams are made of fluff.

Upon Reflection

Sunday, May 9. 2010

I'm still in a blur...

Fire Sprite Camouflage

Wednesday, May 5. 2010

Experimenting, again...

Mighty Whiskers of Demonic Charm

Monday, May 3. 2010

Somewhere in another dimension...

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