Some photos from my first self developed film (developed during a workshop a my university so it was more of a group effort). Clearly, there is room for progress (minor curve adjusment applied), but it could have been worse, I guess. Next time I'll try another film/developer combination (T-Max 400 really isn't my favourite film but I wasn't given a choice on this one).

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
T-Max 400, developed in T-Max

Group Reflection

Sunday, September 26. 2010

Upon Reflection

Sunday, May 9. 2010

I'm still in a blur...

Fire Sprite Camouflage

Wednesday, May 5. 2010

Experimenting, again...

It's volcano day! Self-portrait in red

Saturday, April 17. 2010

Somewhere, this winter...

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