Leaves and Thorns

Wednesday, June 22. 2011

Some new self developed photos. I'm not entirely satisfied with them, so I'll keep on experimenting with development times etc. Anyway mixing powders is fun :-).

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
Kodak Tri-X 400 exposed @400 ISO, developed in Kodak D 76 1+1 at 20 °C for (roughly) 9 1/4 minutes (2 inversions every 30 sec).

Some photos from my first self developed film (developed during a workshop a my university so it was more of a group effort). Clearly, there is room for progress (minor curve adjusment applied), but it could have been worse, I guess. Next time I'll try another film/developer combination (T-Max 400 really isn't my favourite film but I wasn't given a choice on this one).

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
T-Max 400, developed in T-Max

The New Muse II

Sunday, May 8. 2011

Sea(l), Stone and Steel

Sunday, April 10. 2011

Kiellinie, Aquarium des IFM-GEOMAR
Ilford Delta 400

The New Muse I

Thursday, February 24. 2011

At last, I seem to have found a soul willing to play along: the glorious A.

Ilford Delta 400

Slumber II

Thursday, January 20. 2011

Schrevenpark, Kiel

Early Works II

Saturday, January 8. 2011

Vegetal Portrait III: Fiddlehead

Sunday, January 2. 2011

Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Early Works I

Wednesday, December 22. 2010

A few photos from my first real attempt at portrait/nude photography some 10-12 years ago (sorry about the mediocre scan quality). How I'd love to do that again! Unfortunately, people as confident in front of a camera - and willing to play along - as the magnificent G. was seem to have become quite rare.

Vegetal Portrait II: Black Orchid

Monday, December 13. 2010

Jardin des Plantes, Paris

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