Group Reflection

Sunday, September 26. 2010

Make New From Old

Saturday, September 25. 2010

A new version of one of these Japanese spider crab pictures.

Anonymous Thinker

Thursday, September 23. 2010

Japanese Sweetness

Tuesday, September 21. 2010

Tokusa man from Toraya

A la pointe de la plume II

Sunday, September 19. 2010

Bibliothèque de l'ULB

L'élégance de Bruxelles II: en passant

Friday, September 17. 2010

Le goût de Bruxelles III

Wednesday, September 15. 2010

A la pointe de la plume I

Monday, September 13. 2010

Bibliothèque de l'ULB

Like A Film Star

Saturday, September 11. 2010

Le goût de Bruxelles II

Friday, September 10. 2010

Galerie de la Reine, Bruxelles
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