Summer Vegetation (at last!)

Friday, August 26. 2011

A few pictures taken with my new Bronica ETRSi the other day. I already love this camera: very nice to use, not too bulky (by medium format standards, that is) and pleasing results.

Botanischer Garten, Kiel
Kodak Ektar 100 (great looking but sadly much more susceptible to scratching than Kodak Portra or Fuji Reala).

P.S.: I've added new pictures to my print shop.

Big news!

Friday, August 12. 2011

Some of my pictures are now available for sale as art prints at søciety6 (permanent link to the shop also featured in the sidebar). The current selection is still a bit small, but I'm going to add new photos very soon. I'll keep you posted :-).

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